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“forget everything you knew about your shower”
Levaqua is a global product development company, integrating over 50 years of combined experience within the home improvement industry.
Our corporate strategy is based on a synergetic approach to product design, creating innovative and appealing solutions that are functional, easy to
use and affordable. We believe that the kitchen and bath environments serve as pivotal junctions within the household and deserve to be designed
and treated as such. Our passion and commitment throughout the years has been directed towards redefining and improving these areas to enable
the most enjoyable, efficient and inspirational experiences for the entire family. After all, the better we feel in our kitchen and bath, the more we are
able to achieve in our lives.
Levaqua is proud to present the world's ultimate digital shower experience. Implementing a perfect balance between cutting edge technology
and sophisticated design, our unique range of products have been developed with you in mind. Levaqua lets you make the most of your showering
time anyway you choose: from prompt to pampering, speedy to spa. Now you can enjoy all the comforts of a high performance shower while reducing
costs and saving water. Intuitive and simple to use, Levaqua showerheads place the control in your hands, letting you craft your own personalized spa-inspired experience at the touch of a button. Showering will never be the same.
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