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“levaqua showerheads place the control in your hands”
Q:   Where can I purchase a replacement bracket or hose?
A:   LevAqua hand held showers can be used with industry standard hoses and brackets. Should you wish to purchase our accessories separately, please contact our customer service helpline.
Q:   What is the warranty period of my showerhead?
A:   Levaqua products are covered by a 5 year limited warranty. Terms and conditions are printed in the instruction booklet and are available on this website under “Warranty”.
Q:   How do I remove the flow regulator?
A:   On both handheld and fixed head models use needle-nose pliers to pull out the white regulator which is located on the side of the product which is connected to either the hose/water supply. The flow regulator has an inner ring constructed of four delicate panels – use needle – nose gently and slowly pull the regulator out of it’s position. NOTE: CSA/ANSI standards require the flow regulator to be installed at all times in order to provide maximum flow of 2.5 gallons (9.5 liters) per minute.
Q:   How can I stop my showerhead from leaking at the pivot ball?
A:   Hand tighten connection ensuring that the black washer provided) is inserted properly. For better seal rub dry soap bar on the thread of the shower arm before connecting. Do not over-tighten or the showerhead and/or showerarm may be damaged.
Q:   Why is there is no water flowing from my handheld shower?
A:   The hose supplied with handheld showers incorporates a non-return valve and can be connected only in one direction. If hose is installed incorrectly, un-install the hose and connect the hose in the reverse direction.
Q:   My product isn't functioning. How can I get service?
A:   1. Remove the showerhead or shower handle and ensure water is flowing off the main water valve.
2. Remove the batteries and re-install ensuring the batteries +/- follow the +/- marks on the product.
3. Press any of the buttons to ensure the internal mechanism is working.
4. Press the Spray button.
5. Install the showerhead or handle following installation instructions in the instruction manual.
Q:   What are the main features offered by LevAqua handheld and fixed showers?
A:   Levaqua products are manufactured to the highest quality incorporating unique and user-friendly technology designed to enhance your shower experience. Our digital handheld and fixed showers allow the changing of settings at a touch of a button. The memory built into some models allow for timer and spa programs – for details, please see product pages in this site.
Q:   How long do the batteries last?
A:   The battery life will depend on each model as well as the frequency and way in which the product is used… Under normal use, quality alkaline batteries are designed to last between 6-9 months.
Q:   How will I know that my batteries require changing and how do I change them?
A:   When changing of settings start to significantly slow down once a certain button has been pressed, this will be your indication that the battery life is nearing it’s end and is due for replacement. Please refer to your instruction booklet for installing/replacing batteries.
Q:   My product keeps changing sprays and I can’t control from control panel, what should I do?
A:   This indicates that the battery power is too low. Replace the batteries on your unit.
Q:   How do I clean my handheld or fixed showerhead?
A:   Please follow directions in the instruction booklet for each model.
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