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“the most sophisticated shower user experience”

The Showerhead Goes Digital. LEVAQUA makes its brand debut at KBIS 2010 with the first-of-its-kind, Digital Showerhead
Chicago, IL – April 15, 2010
Moty Lev, founder and innovator of LEVAQUA, has had products on the Home Center, Discount and Specialty channel shelves since the mid 1990s under famous names such as Alsons and Delta, including products as the In2ition Shower System. His experience and familiarity within the shower category is the foundation of the groundbreaking and patented technology used to introduce a completely new concept for showerheads.

Joining forces with Seffi Janowski and Robert Kramer, both experienced senior executives in the shower and bath consumer goods arena, along with a group of dynamic and seasoned global partners, LEVAQUA was founded to introduce these exciting new products to the US market.

Never before has this level of technological innovation been made affordable so quickly to the consumer market. LEVAQUA brings digital technology -until now only seen in high end, luxury trade channels - to retail, at prices everyone can enjoy.

LEVAQUA’s new line of digital showerheads increase the functionality and ease of use of the showerhead affordably; priced competitively from $49.99 - $149.99.

Seffi Janowski, VP of Business Development believes “what LEVAQUA has done by digitizing the showerhead, allows consumers to select precisely the spray pattern and features they desire, all at the touch of a button, improving the essence of the shower experience.”

LEVAQUA’s new line of digital showerheads, both fixed and handheld versions, are designed and styled to blend in with any décor, be it Contemporary or Traditional - pleasing to the designer in the household, and easy to choose for the contractor. Finishes range from white, chrome, brushed nickel and antique bronze.

The launch of the Premier Series Digital Showerheads from LEVAQUA is the beginning of a technological breakthrough in the shower industry – Led exclusively by LEVAQUA.

Fixed Showerhead Product Line:
The Premier Series product line consists of a series of fixed and handheld showerheads, each with a specific set of digital controls.

All showerheads feature the Eco Mode spray pattern, restricting 20% water flow for a more environmentally friendly, and budget friendly, shower. Pause and timer functions are also standard on all models. When using these functions in conjuction, up to 40% water-saving can be realized.

Sprays patterns range from Massage, Spray, Combo to Mist, Turbo and Aerate.

The higher end Series includes pre-programmed SPA experiences, expertly designed spray combinations to deliver the ultimate in shower comfort.

Premier Series 100 is a smartly designed showerhead, with 5 spray, each accessible, digitally, at the touch of a button.

Premier Series 200 combines the spray patterns of the Premier Series 100 and adds 2 pre-programmed SPA experiences, Relax, Invigorate.

Premier Series 300 offers enhanced spray patterns, 7 in total. In addition, 3 pre- programmed SPA experiences are included, Refresh, Relax and Energize.

Premier Series 400 takes the shower experience to a new level of luxury, with 8 spray patterns , 3 pre-programmed SPA experiences and the ability for the user to program 2 personal choice SPA experiences. The Premier Series 400 showerhead is designed for the ultimate in comfort with a wide, two part, face – so the user can position and control the spray from each side to his or her liking.

Handheld Showerhead Product Line:
The Premier Series 700 line of handheld showers are available in 3 different models. Each are equipped with a handheld remote control, for easy spray operation, and are available in 3 stylish finishes – white/gray two tone, chrome and brushed nickel.

The Premier Series 710 is a simple-to-use, functional handheld showerhead with 4 spray patterns – Spray, Massage, Pause and Eco.

The Premier Series 720 offers an enhanced experience by offering 5 spray patterns – Spray, Massage, Combo, Pause and Eco.

The Premier Series 730 enhances the shower experience with 5 spray patterns – Spray, Massage, Combo, Pause and Eco – and includes a 5, 10, 15 minute timer.

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